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How funny, because I was just thinking of you today and wondering if you were ever coming back here. Yay!!!

Beth Fish

Our tree is down, but I just took down the outside lights (including lighted candy canes) this morning.


Still here.

The tree is down but the boxes are still scattered around, waiting to be put away.

Magnolia Mom

I'm here. :) Still have a stack of stuff in the corner that for some reason doesn't fit in the containers, so I have to get another one! How does Christmas stuff multiply??


Long time no talk! The boxes of decorations are still in the corner of the dining room - where they've been since the weekend after Thanksgiving. Ugh!

Peeved Michelle

Done with the tree and decorations but I just noticed some after-Christmas sale stuff that somehow ended up in my bathroom.


Hey Juju. I check in everyday. I am glad you're back. My Christmas stuff is down and put away. We took it down New Years Day. Except the outside lights. They will be up for a while yet.


I'm so glad to hear from you all! And also glad that some of you still have xmas things around...I'll be finding it until April.


I did the same thing Jen. Disappeared forever..now I'm back.

My christmas tree is NOT up...but all my decorations are in boxes in MY DINING ROOM!
Gah...it never ends


I'm here! I'm here!


You would think that I would learn. The second I stop checking here, you post. But glad to see that you did. Seems everyone else is too.

Of course my tree is still up. I think I took it down the end of February last year, so we still got a few good weeks yet...


Tree is down. Outside decorations still there. Maybe I'll venture out in April. Good to see you again!


still here ;)


Been waiting for you to get around to posting again!! Everyting is down and put away but the outside stuff. Keeping warm?


I'm still here!! Facebook has kind of split my attention recently as far as blogs are concerned, but I gotta say the 3rd person one liners are getting old... I like the pun filled stories of old!
... I assumed you were frozen in blocks of ice up there!!


still here! ;o)


are you stitched?


Thought I should speek up....long-time lurker, still here.


Hi JuJu... still here...and although my tree is down and away...my penguins are still gracing the front window...they stay until the snow leaves...


Hi LuLu :) Anyway to view your blog?

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