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Glad you're all right. I know what you mean by taking time with your hubby where ever you can get it. I really hope this doesn't make me seem naive but here goes. What is MLK day?


Martin Luther King. I just figured it out. LOL


That's what you get for washing your microwave turntable.

Babysitter, rubber glove...sounds like a date to me.

I missed the Inaug due to work but have it Tivoed.


Tetanus shots do HURT! Hope you're all better soon.


OUCH! Hope you feel better.

Hula Doula

I did watch the whole thing. It was interesting. I think it was more my child's response to it that was more facinating. I actually blogged about it because her perspective was facinating for 11.

Um...OUCH on the tetanus shot.


Enjoyed the inauguration. I hope that my cynicism for politics is unfounded this time.

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