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I got to read the last post before it disappeared and I agree. There are some crazies in the world. I am busy, but can't seem to forget to eat. I wish sometimes that I could forget to eat. As far as Facebook goes, I just ingore the "Lori is" part and say whatever I want people to know.


Eat girl! You're too damn skinny as it is! Just kidding, I wish I had some of your skinny. I quit facebook...too much junk on it. Miss you.


LuAnn- Please give Donovan a hug for me and I'll say a prayer for his surgery. Is there a number I can call to talk to him afterward?


Yay, a post!!!


Everyone else talks about you in the 3rd person. Time to join the club.


You sure you didn't inadvertently eat your post?

Love and hugs to Donovan.

Hazel, you crack me up.

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