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He is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! He will definitely be breaking some hearts in the future. Did you see my daughters first day of schol pics on facebook? She started grade one yesterday. hse was so nervous, but brave. She did it, and when she came home she said, "That was easy." PHEW!


Ju, you are so good at these damtearjerkin posts. This was precious as hell and I have to go blow my nose now.
I miss you so bad.


Great post!

My daughter started first grade today and I don't know how because it seems like she was born last year. How does time go so quickly?


He has grown so fast. And gets more beautiful every year.


OMG, I remember the first time I started reading your blog and you had was this little guy. So big and so handsome!


You guys got to wait till after Labor Day?!? Donovan started the 28th of Aug. (stupid having 2 days of school then 3 days off) He is growing so tall and handsome!! We miss seeing him and all of you.

Natalie Murdick

I realize that as my boys are getting older(kindy-garten and second), so are everyone else's, but holy crap! He is so handsome! I actually see a lot of your mom in him (not that your mom is handsome cause she's a girl and ya know...beautiful is the word for her).


It amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it? My husband looked at Princess the other day (our big 5th grader, OMG!) and asked, "When did she get so big?" My reply was "About 2 weeks ago," because that's what it feels like.


Wow. How exactly does this happen?!


Holy crap. I remember reading about his first day of preschool! and you're right, he DOES look like he's about to pull out a set of keys from those pockets! He is so handsome. I hope he's enjoying Grade 3 :)

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