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Congrats!! Wishing you many happy years to come!


Congratulations and Hugs to Both of You. You're gonna catch up to me and PD pretty soon!
Really great post, Ju :-)


Happy Anniversary! All the best! :o)


OH NO I MISSED IT!!! Sorry =( Happy #5 to both of you. (you got wood......he he)


Happy 5th anniversary and many happy returns!


What a great guy the Mister is. I figured he would have given you wood. You know, his wood. I'm so sorry I said that.

Bridget B.

Oh wow that's just awesome! Great gifts Mr. JuJu. I'm going on 9 I wonder what that is..


I'm going on 7. Look that up too when you get a chance.


Here is hoping you got lots of wood for your anniversary.

Chris Cactus

I'm really, really late but...happy anniversary!!


Wow. All the wood jokes have been used up already. Congrats!

Peeved Michelle

According to the presents we gave for our sixth anniversary this year, six is chinese food, not tin foil.


Good words.

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