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Sounds like good news all around.... crappy lead up with the the worry and transition and the surgery, but the outcomes sound great!!

And please don't throw your money away... we miss you around here!!


So, getting a new lease on life entitles you to throw language around that would embarrass a truck driver? ;-P

Love you, my high-maintenance baby :-)


I have been there with the decisions/input/drive you crazy thing. It's annoying.

I'm glad things are looking up. Good luck!


Glad you're alright ;)


Whew. Good and bad to be you. But the good seems to be winning. :-)


PHEW! What an update! Thanks for filling us in :) And good for you for doing what YOU want with YOUR body. I absolutely HATE unsolicited advice. For me, everyone's got an opinion, but not everyone is entitled to it, when it comes to me, at least!

And oh man, the stories I could tell about faulty/terrible birth control! Depo-provera, Diane-35... the havoc they both brought onto my body and my life! TERRIBLE! I'm glad you won't have to worry anymore about that business :o)


Jeepers! What stress lately! I am glad that you found a great, closer-to-home job, and that your health concerns are under control. And good for you for saying screw you to unsolicited advice!


Wow... I typed Yaz and kidney stones into google and found your page. I've been on Yaz for about a year and just recently developed 2 cases of kidney stones. No one in my family has ever suffered them before. Amazing... Looks like I'll be going off of Yaz soon.

Peeved Michelle

How did I miss this post? I'm glad everything turned out well. I am also glad you explained why you chose the tubal. I've never heard an explanation like that before. Something to consider...

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