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One Wink

Ju, sweetheart, I had no idea you would mind the "announcement." I crossed it out to make sure ;-P
The picture is beautiful and if I wasn't 100% sure you would approve, well... next time I'll go thru the proper channels. I'll make it up to you.
Sidenote: 29 was the only birthday that ever bugged me. Up until 52, that is. You're doing great.


Happy Birthday!


Welcome to the Big Show!!

I love it! I couldn't wait to get out of my 20's!

Happy Birthday!


aww Happy Belated Birthday. sorry about feeling old now, but trust me, when your kids are teenagers, and your friends are older and chasing around 2 year olds u'll feel great =)

my mum had her first kid at about 22 cuz she married around 21, and thats what happened to her.


Happy Birthday and Mother's Day! I am 32 and honestly I have never felt more myself than I have in my 30's. Everything is settled in my life and I love it! Now you can just say that every birthday is the anniversary of your 29th birthday!

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