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I love this!

Some of my smile inducers:
-- seeing my beloved waiting for me at the end of the aisle and knowing that we were about to be married
-- renewing our vows 10 years later
-- seeing our daughter for the first time
-- having a job I love
-- teaching my daughter to read
-- walking on the beach, looking at the ocean, and collecting shells with my husband and daughter
-- counting the blessings of parents and two grandmothers


What a great post!

A few of mine:

1. Driving down the Alaska-Canada highway, after graduating college. On my way to my first professional job in Michigan.
2. Walking down the aisle, with my beloved.
3. Sitting with UR at my BIL's wedding, talking about life.
4. Backpacking on Manitou Island with Mr. Sheesh (Before he was Mr. Sheesh).


Ju, I totally enjoyed reading your list and some of these were great memories for me too. It's good for the soul to relive these moments. I think I'll make my own list and keep it as a page on my blog so's I can read it now and then.


Great list. Happy to be a part of it.


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good day!


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