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The only thing I can think of is go when he's really tired so hopefully he'll sleep a good portion of the way. Good luck.


Baby Valium.
I'll stock up for you for the ride back home. Oh, wait... Would you rather I got the Mommy kind? I hear it's way easier to administer.

Chris Cactus

Earplugs and a portable DVD player. That'll do it for a while.


We have a similar problem. Our baby is 14 months and the only way we've been able to make the trip to visit my parents (9 hours one way) is to do so while he is sleeping. We leave as soon as he falls asleep and then it's much more peaceful for everyone. It's not convenient for my husband since he drives all night and has to nap when we get there but it's much quieter that way. Good luck!

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