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I really hope you're feeling better soon. Call that doctor and give him a piece of your mind! Good to hear from you. The kids are as cute as ever!


My little nudge helped, did it? LOL Great to hear from you. I completely understand your wanting to be "normal" again. I don't even remeber what normal is anymore. I have had a sore back, and no energy for so long, that I am sick of feeling this way. I am sorry to hear about the kidney stones. Is it possible to get a second oppinion, or just somehow demand answers? Easier said than done I guess. Well I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

I got a part time job too. I work in a Real Estate office as a receptionist. It's kind of nice getting out, and talking to people(adults) again. Don't you find sometimes though that when your shift comes a long that it's more of a hassle than it's worth?

Anyway, take care, and I hope to hear from you a lot more.



Hang in there kiddo! Find a new doctor, one that empathizes with you. You need fixing, now!

Love the pictures! I miss you guys!


I have been in the situation you described re: a doctor not taking you seriously. Please, please find someone else as soon as you can. Good luck.

Peeved Michelle

Oh my gosh, it HAS been a long time. Your babies are so big!


your kids are so big! and so stinkin' gorgeous!


I quit checking here daily just about two days ago, and of course, I missed this post. Finding it here today was a nice surprise, despite the storyline... Everyone missed you.
The pictures are great. I'm off today, will call.


I am voting with the majority here. It is time for a new urologist. Chronic Kidney stones ARE a problem and if not paid attention to they could do major damage. This is not a matter of oh, it just sucks. This is a matter of how long until something serious happens. Get copies of your records/test results and head to the next door.


forget doctors, get yourself a naturopath. They don't treat the problem, they fix the problem. Try and I mean try is the main word. Try some mineral oil in your diet. throw in a table spoon here and there like in yogurt or in a warm cereal. Even better get Udo's oil and make salad dressing out of it. you can also put it in whatever you can. We should have on average 4 tbs of good oils in our diet daily. Not to mention what it does for your skin. It can't hurt, only help.

mamma knows

we just went through the same thing with my husband, 6 hours in ER, 2mm kidney stone, the pain was HORRIBLE. his urologist gave us this bit of advice, he said that if everyone would drink a glass of lemonade a day they would never get another one, something in the lemonade makes it impossible for kidney stones to form. try it girl and I hope it works!!!!!

the kids are beautiful btw :)


I'm on my way to the store for lemonade now, thanks :)


Hi JuJu, so sorry your not feeling well.

Kidney problems are nothing to mess with, maybe its time for a new dr. I'll be more than happy to go look in my books for a more 'homeopathic' solution if your interested.

Love you, miss you !! XOXOX


Your kids are adorable..and I am a new reader but still wishing you well and hope that you are feeling better VERY SOON!!


Are you trying the lemonade idea. Let me know if it works. I have a friend that suffers from the same thing.

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