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Hope Mr. JuJu had a great day and I hope he likes our present. This was a really nice post, Ju.
Yay! You got a day off! We miss you here. XO


It just occurred to me that Mr. J was tweaking your site in preparation for his birthday post... It looks great, by the way.
Should I be ashamed that the (now gonzo-ed) picture didn't scare me away? I will say now, it was pretty creepy. *shivers*


oops. Happy Belated Birthday, dude!


Mr. JuJu didn't really do anything to my site...and Jeremy=tres creepy.


Honestly Ron Jeremy is just all kinds of scary.


Your header isn't new???


Happy Birthday Mr. Juju!

Dude, you have Tim Horton's there? My Canadian Heart did a lil' jump of excitement there for a second! It's the yummoest isn't it? Steeped tea with a honey-dip doughnut? Highlight of my DAYS.



Okay, I'm so confused. Who is Ron Jeremy, and what is everyone talking about? Happy Birthday Mr. JuJU.


How that man ever became a porn star I will never know (and by that man I DO NOT MEAN YOUR HU...because I can totally understand why people would pay good money to see him.....ok never mind now it's just awkward)

So glad you aren't dead.

Tim HOrton's? SERIOUSLY?

Always say "bag in" when ordering tea (but NEVER EVER say it to Ron Jeremy for obvious reasons), their steeped tea tastes like ASS.

Oh wait...do americans drink hot tea? I vaguely remember discussing this with Zoot ages ago...about how hard it is to get hot tea ...maybe just in the south?



So nice to see you are posting again!!! I had about given up on reading what was going on with the family. Hope all is well with "the stone" problems. Did the lemonade help? The kids are getting SOOO big!! Happy Belated B-day Mr Ju!! Take care and, call once in a while.


Happy Birthday to Mr. Juju!


I TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTALLY disagree with Pamalamadingdong about the steeped tea. I drink at least one every day, and I LOOOOVE it.

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