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Mr. JuJu

You make me cry every time you put one of these together... I love our little family!



Natalie Murdick

I can't believe he is one already!!!! This was so cute. I hope he had a wonderful 1st party with the family.


Aw geez, I thought I could get thru this without bawling since I watched you put it together. The finished product is just, well, priceless. As is that little boy.
Love you all soooo much. I loved being there to help celebrate.


I think I've only seen a handful of pictures of your hubby, but he looks just like him! Time certainly flies that first year.




Crying at work.... I should have known better then to press play at work!!!

Happy Birthday, you precious little boy!


Adorable. I can not believe a whole year has gone by. How have you been?


Way. Too. Cute.


I love, love, love it! What a truly beautiful child. Congrats on the big 0-1!

Chris Cactus

It can't be a year already. Really. It can't.


Awww! So sweet! Happy Birthday!

Peeved Michelle

Did you mean that you have no words EVER AGAIN?

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