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Natalie Murdick

Good for you! I have been at home for a while too, it's kind of scary to think of getting "a real job"! I think I'll stick to babysitting and working from home on-line. Although maybe if I had your hair and make up talents I'd be more apt to want to leave the house! Good luck Dr. JuJu!


I got into a heated debate with a pre-med student when I was in college over the fact that my chosen field - theatre - was a waste. At the end of the conversation he said, "Well, all I am saying, is that I will be saving lives..." and I quickly returned with, "Well, what are you saving it for? I am the yin to your yang buddy... you save them so they can enjoy their life which usually includes being entertained by people like me!"

You have a gift to help people match their inner beauty and their outer beauty. There are VERY few people with this gift and people are constantly looking to people to help show them, then teach them, how to feel better about themselves!

What you are doing could very well change peoples lives just by reminding them how beautiful they are.


Good for you JuJu. I am happy for you. Let us know how it goes.


Ju, You're also an "artist" of sorts and you'll be creating and transforming. And, like a hairdresser or a bartender, you'll be providing that priceless service of "listening"... people will tend to spill their guts to you and feel better afterward in yet another way. And there is no doubt in my mind that you will be very, very good at this. Maybe almost as good as that mothering thing that you've perfected...
Above all, have fun with it, it will show in your practice.
Love you :-)

ps. don't let anybody sneeze or bleed on you.


I don't know the first thing about makeup and I wish I did. It's a gift -- people who know how to do this aren't called makeup *artists* for nothing, you know.

Good luck!


You are so 'together.' How'd you get that way at such a young age?


Can you give us a "can't live without" make-up list? Because my routine consists of chapstick and pinching my cheeks, basically. Once every three years or so I go blow a couple hundred dollars at a make-up counter, throw the stuff in the bathroom cupboard, and never use any of it. I need serious help. I went to an all girls high school, I think that's where it started - I never learned how to apply the stuff, and now I feel silly asking for help. So, Dr. JuJu, share your vast knowledge with us!


The important thing is that YOU see the value in what you're doing and it makes YOU happy.


Becky: you have a gift for making people think...hard...and find the good. New career as a life coach in your future?

Hazel: together? huh? surely you are joking.

Alison: would this be a list of MY personal can't live withouts (they change frequently) or a list of general can't live withouts for anyone?


I think this new job is fantastic! And I agree with what was said above - YOU can make people's outer beauty match their inner beauty! Last time I checked, PLASTIC SURGEONS did that too! You're totally Doctor-ish! :o) I totally agree too, with the importance of the knowledge you'll be spreading - skincare is very important, especially since improper care of your skin can lead to cancer! Having someone smart and beautiful like you on their side will mean a lot to people! I know it! When you don't know the first thing about make up, when you have no clue on how to apply it correctly, it means SO MUCH to be able to sit down with someone who spends that one-on-one time with you and enlighten you in a non-judgmental manner!

Man, I wish I had an ability at ALL to put on make up. You can teach me maybe? lol Y'know, cross the border into Canada to inform me on how to put friggin' eyeshadow on properly and to get it to stay on all day, not to fade away with the oils of my skin (which isn't even oily to begin with, wtf?) :o)

I hope you enjoy your first day out in the WORK FORCE NO QUOTES and that the hubby and the kids enjoy their evening together too! Best of luck, and congratulations on such a big step after 7 years!

One Wink

Wait. I demand to know who's teasing you. Who???!!!


Love the new look!


Yes, Ju. This is very pretty. It suits you :-)

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