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Peeved Michelle

Kenna is a little cow for Halloween. Unfortunately, it is too hot today for me to leave her in it all day since it is a fleece outfit. Right now she is just wearing the pants and a onesie. I haven't been able to get a picture yet.


You were supposed to have this kidney thing solved and tell me where to find the magic kidney stone medicine to make it all go away by now so that I didn't have to go through the whole go to the doctor, have the 24hr urine analysis, yadda yadda thing!!!!

Ahhhh... good times...... halloween chocolate will make it all go away.....


I would say "BOO!" but somehow I don't think it would phase you...
Here's hoping the Great Pumpkin leaves you all feeling better tomorrow.
Wish you could see the murder scene that your FIL has recreated on our front porch, complete with rats and entrails... It's actually really cool.
Hugs and kisses.

Peeved Michelle

Here is a pic of Kenna in her cow costume:


Mom- why was my FIL at your house?
PM-ADORABLE! How could anyone see that and then eat a burger.
Becky- Working on it, I promise.


I hope everyone feels good soon.


New masthead=very pretty


Holy crap, I've lost it. (Again) I meant SF. (step-father) Sheesh.


Hailey was a skunk and Rachel a dragon. I will post pics on facebook soon.


Happy belated Halloween :-)


Eating a little extra "fiber(s)", what could it hurt? You may have to change his diaper a little more often.....

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