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Order the $25 grilled chicken. It sounds better than the $26 grilled chicken.



Glad to hear I'm not the only one who orders chicken at a seafood restaurant (although I wouldn't say "hate seafood," since I can go for the milder fish).

You mean your kid eats things you have to cut? Must be nice.


I LOATHE seafood. I'm a texture girl and seafood has THE WORST texture.

Mind you I will eat some fish..halibut..or haddock (oh god..ok..it has to be battered and fried and served with chips and a bucket of tartar sauce.)

Um yeah, I hate seafood.



Ditto what pamalamadingdong said.


You guys are really missing out!


The grilled chicken was really, really good, but not as good as the cosmopolitans.
Hazel:Only 1 grilled chicken on the paper menu, btw.


Coming late here. I was going to put my order in and have you bring me a doggie bag. Harry's looks like a cool place with my kinda menu. (on someone else's budget...) As I was choosing my meal, I began to wonder, just what exactly is "Family Style" asparagus? Is there like an adult version that isn't suitable for the kiddies or what?


"family style" refers to when they put the side in a bowl to pass around the table...


I know, Ju. But thanks for clarifying and ruining my funny. ;-) xo


Okay. It's Wednesday. Do we need to get Mr Monday a calendar?

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