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yes, relax.



Just be you, because everything you have shared with us here is wonderful!


Obviously, my opinion here is the only one that really counts because I know you better than anyone else under the sun. I can say, without even an inkling of reservation, that you are the best little mommy I've ever run across. And your wonderful kids are proof, if you need any. The way you mix the love, patience, humor, consistency and plain old common sense in raising your kids is truly a sight to behold. The sad part is that I can't figure out where you learned how to do that so beautifully. Really, Ju. You have not a thing to worry about. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You old man does a damn good job too, as far as I can see :-)


Oh, wait. Advice. Lose the make up and mess your hair up a little bit. No one could look like you do on a daily basis AND be a good parent ;-)


My advice, you don't need advice. Don't change a thing!



You have nothing to worry about. Your house is spotless, the kids are angels and you are awesome.


Sounds like you're all set, Supermom.

Just flash'em your Coppertone tan!

I don't know why that just popped into my head. Being tan has nothing to do with it.


Also, I'm not tan, so if it does have something to do with it, I have yet another reason to worry.

Thanks, Mark!!

Peeved Michelle

Too bad I haven't been reading blogs. We were gearing up for the whole adoption home visit thing before we got pregnant. I would have had lots of things to say but mostly, chill out because have you seen some of the dirtbags they let through the system. Easy as pie for a normal person to pass.

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