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Dude! You've got valet parking at your hospital?


Wow. So Juju really didn't exaggerate. That's an awesome story. Mr. Juju sounds like an amazing man and father who truly loves his wife and kids. When he said "... next time call 911" is there going to be a next time? LOL


Worth waiting for!

Natalie Murdick

That was so worth waiting for Batman!

One Wink

I'm leaving for work, already late, only got through 1/3 of this, can't wait to get home and finish reading later.
Even though I know this story, seeing it in print, and through Mr's eyes is something else altogether.
I'll. Be. Bach.


Seeing this through Mr's eyes makes it much more terrifying!


I luv, LUV, L-U-V it!!!!!

Worth the wait! But now we will want more!!


It was terrifying! This brought it all back to me and you can be sure I have been taking my pill extra diligently the last couple days.


Wow, Mr. You did a great job with this! I've heard the story a couple of times but it still makes me really emotional. That's one amazing baby-making woman you got yourself there. And the two of you make a great team.
We all hope you take the Monday posting challenge. You're good at this. A little heavy on the potty-mouth, but given the circumstances... ;-) Seriously, this was great.
I hope readers are taking note that most of the really important stuff up there all occurred between 3:30 and 4:35. A little over an hour for crying out loud.

Mr. Juju

Fastest, most fun-filled, life-changing, hair-falling-out-est hour of my life!


Oh my god...did Mr.JuJu comment on my blog? That's more shocking than an actual post.

Mr. Juju

Quiet you.


Oh my gawd, that was even better than expected! Absolutely hysterical. Now if we could only get Toddler JuJu's version!!!!


Y'all are adorable... I think you work really well together here. Did you ever consider... nah. Never mind. That would just be too cool.


In all of this, how did you arrange care for little JuJu?


Great job, Mr. JuJu! I laughed out loud a few times (well, I would have if my son weren't sleeping in the next room with his door open).

It was worth the wait, but the wait was pretty damn long.


Lori: we had a preset plan for him to go home with a friend if it happened while he was in school. I called the school while this was happening and told them what was going on.




I think that is the best post I've ever read. Congratulations!


I'm new to the blog (via the Peevery) so I followed your recommendation to read this post. I'm glad I did. I laughed, cried, and laughed some more. You guys are priceless. Congratulations!

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