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That's awesome Ju.

Natalie Murdick

Congrats! As if we had any doubt. Doesn't everyone have at least one door in there home that hides something that could come crashing down....it's like the closet lottery...see who is lucky enough to open it without something falling out! Yours happens to be a box of wine...at least it was balanced out by the innocent baby bath tub!!!


Hurray! Glad to hear that all went well, although we all knew it would. Nice to have something wonderful to celebrate on September 11...


So it went exactly as I knew it would. You empty that box yet? ;-)
Have I told you lately how great you are?


I knew it would go well. Congrats!!


Congrats!!! My Dad and I celebrate Feb 27th 1992. I am the luckiest girl in the world!


Thanks Superchick...do you have a password so that I may read your blog?


Sneaking around with a bottle of wine. YOU TAKE AFTER YOUR GRANDMOTHER!

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