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Happy, Happy Anniversary to you and Big J and Little J. I mean that with my whole, entire heart. The only thing better than what you've written here is actually seeing the two, er, three, excuse me, FIVE of you together. The love radiates. Now before I make your readers gag, I'll just say, Congratulations with Love and I'll go...


*wiping tears* I forgot a caption:

Only moments after the pronouncement that he and JuJu were officially man and wife, Mr. JuJu scanned the wedding guests looking for a likely sucker on which to pawn off The Kid ... Spying his new mother-in-law grinning proudly from ear-to-ear, he knew then that he had it all in the bag.

Natalie Murdick

Little JuJu: "Now where's my freakin' cake!?"


Aw, what a sweet post! Congrats to all of you!


"LittleJuJu could not have been given a better father, not even by God"

- sounds to me like Mr Juju *was* sent straight from God! Happy Anniversary, and congratulations to you all!



I can't believe I forgot!!!!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!!!!! (slowly retrieving wedding pics I missed out on)


Absolute Happiness....congrats to you all!


Congrats on four great years together and many more to come. All three of your children are blessed to have you guys as parents. Hope you all are always as happy as you looked on your wedding day.

Caption: Mr JuJu: "Okay, where's the bar?"
Mrs. JuJu: "I'm so hungry I could eat my bouquet!"
Little JuJu: "How come they got rings, and I didn't?"


Great captions, Shann :-)


Happy Anniversary! (lake..I know..I suck)

You really are a smoking hot babe!

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