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I can't believe the girl has pigtails! And Andrew.....he's almost a toddler! And Lil Juju.....he just gets more and more handsome.

I loved the quote from Buffalo Spree: the blondest family in America.....HA!


She has enough hair for pigtails! HURRAY!
Also....your kids are suddenly HUGE!


Maddie grew up while I wasn't looking! She's a doll. And that baby! Oh, cuteness! I would just kiss him all day. And JuJu, get off of your ass and get your eldest child into GAP ads or something. He is gorgeous.


Ditto what Shannon said!


I love these pics, Ju. Had you touched up the red eyes on The Boy, I'd bet millions that you also would have removed the spot by the shirt zipper... ;-)
(that potty shot will get you anything you want one day. it's a great blackmail photo)


The thing that sticks in my mind after looking at these...

Cheeks. Look at those wonderful cheeks!


Cute pictures! Cute kids! Thanks for sharing.

Chris Cactus

Pictures...words...both rock!


Picture Pages... Captain Kangaroo?

Good pictures.


cuteeee pictures!!! and she is getting so big, she barely had any hair on her head in the last pictures you shared :)


Being that today is Monday, we'll all be here later to read Mr. Ju's virgin post.


WOW!!! They sure have grown since we saw them last!!! And that hair Maddie has finally gotten!!! Thanks ever so much:) Kisses to all:X

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