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I know how tough it is to REALLY relax with little ones around, even on vacation. It especially sucks to have Maddie hating the sand and water and the baby teething. Hang in there, it will get better eventually. When they are teenagers, they won't want to go at all :-(


Sorry about the rain. July is like the only month we get here in Oregon without it. Your post makes me sort of miss it. Kidding, kidding.

Happy 4th!


Happy 4th. Sounds like yours was, uh, fun?


OMG Ju, you're famous. Funny, I know you're a terrific blogger and all, but I really thought it was your butt, I mean, your face that would get you noticed. See, it's good to be smart first, then beautiful. I love you Honey and I'm very proud of you. :-)
Saying prayers for a fun beach weekend for you before you have to retire the bikini. If genes have anything to do with it, you still got 21 good years ;-) Are you laughing?


For most of us, lake Erie is the only beach we have ever known! Hey, while you might have high e coli levels or a piece of floating poop in the water, at least there are no sharks!

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