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glad you are back.....sending good vibes your way. Mr. Juju monday would be great...you have my vote! Abby


PeePeeGina(TM) - love that!
Isabella's is MaShina...


She made that one up on her own...pronounced JINE-AH and not JEEN-AH.


"ONCE UPON A POTTY" The best potty training video ever!!!!! At least it worked for Rachel. I swear by it. Get the girls version obviously. I borrowed it from the library. Good Luck. I will be training Hailey soon. I am going to put my own advice to the test, however I am not holding my breath for it to be as easy as it was the first time around. Hailey has absolutely NO attention span.


I can't believe we both just said, "fruition."

We'd love to hear from the Mr.

Is it girls or boys that are harder to train? I can't remember. Whomever, I'm sure your girl follows her own rules.

We say Va-J-J here at my house.


Speaking from experience, boys are HELL to train. I am in my own toilet training hell, so I hear ya, sister! With Phoenix, stickers worked. With Keegs, it was Thomas the Tank Engine toy bribery. Expensive, but by God, it worked (finally!). I don't know what to do with Ty. It would help if he liked food, so I could bribe him with Smarties, or something...

But, I do stand by the "Once Upon a Potty" video. I bought the DVD, book, potty combo. Keegan loved it! And it is super-cute.


We didn't start Lauren until she was 2 years 8 months. But she must have been ready, because she picked it up REALLY quick, and by the beginning of week 2 we were out running errands in big girl panties. Which is a good bribe, by the way, to let them pick out their own panties at the store! And you go through lots, so stock up! Repeat after me: I love Target!


Good luck. I'm not looking forward to that myself.


Good luck with that potty training. Some are easy, some are not so easy. I hope you great success quickly.

the potty speaks Spanish??


Don't worry. There are no 15 year olds who aren't potty trained. ;-) Still sending you the good potty vibes! Goooo Team PeePeeGina! Rah rah rah!!

And yay to the Mister Monday idea! Sounds great!

One Wink

Knowing the child as I do and the level of obstinance she attains on a daily, er, excuse me, HOURLY basis, my heart aches for you. But I also sympathize with her fear. Chances are, something entirely random will do the trick for her.
Can you imagine anyone in Hazel's household saying "Va-J-J?" For ANY reason? Me neither.
I totally disbelieve that Mr. Ju will type a letter on this screen.


Allen, my five year old, used to hide when he knew it was time to get on the potty because he PREFERRED to poop in his diaper. Ugh!

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