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You're right to back off for now. When she is ready it will seem like a breeze. In addition to the video I mentioned in my last comment, I also want to suggest putting the potty by the t.v. so she can sit on it while she watches it. We started on Friday, and by Sunday morning she was trained...pee pee trained that is. Poo poo too a liiittle bit longer.

One Wink

Good Lord, she can't be doing this. You better call the dr. With the kidneys that our family has, this is not good.
I'm not sure, but I think only men "drop trou." For girls, I think it's "stepping daintily out of her panties." or if the subject is your daughter, it just is never mentioned in the hope that she never removes them at all...
That last thought up there... You're sick. I'm worried about you and you need a bacation. ;-) lol


You are too cute! Potty training blows.



And I'm sorry it didn't work out well this time. I guess that's an understatement.


Gosh, that poor girl. I'm sure you feel just as badly as she does (only without the sheer terror part).

We waited until our son was three to even start this process, and we never hit one bump. He took off with it and has had maybe three accidents in the ensuing year.

So, in the end, what I'm saying is... it's much easier when the child is ready.

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