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Glad to see you back! Thought you might have had another kid or two in your absence.

I have one kid leaving Grade 1, one "graduating" preschool, and one being a pocket-full of trouble!

Take care, sunshine! And enjoy your pee-on-the-floor-less week (unless Maddie misses!) Kisses to the babe.


OMG! Your back. Glad to see you are still blogging and plan to more regularly. I missed your updates. My two are growing like weeds. Both growing attitudes too! As far as I go, I just recently became an independent consultant for the Pampered Chef, so that is keeping me busy. Looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis again.



I'll be right back, I have to go up on the roof and shout...
Welcome back, Sunshine. Going to watch Spiderman while the boy is un-pruning from swimming. When I get down off the roof, that is...


Great to hear from you!


Nice to have you back! I missed you!


Ahhhh! I am so excited that you are back! I have missed you! I need a partner in potty training! I need to know someone else whose baby is screaming all the time! I need a drink!

Glad you are back!


'bout damn time woman.



YAYYYY you're back! Has your family adjusted to the move well?


YAYYYY! WELCOME BACK!! So happy to see you here again!

Glad to hear the famjam is doing well and that you're settling in to the home at your own pace!



Yay! You're back!!


WOOOHOOO!!!! She's alive and typing!!! Next we need some pics of the Little Juju's and maybe the house? MISSED YOU GIRL!!


hey! so glad to see you're back! ;0


HAPPY MONTH LATE BDAY. Sorry i only check these blogs every so often. And by that i mean months at a time.


Glad you're back. Now if you just have some sage advice on how to deal with my five year old...

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