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Natalie Murdick

Welcome Back!!!! I'm still here. I've been checking daily, patiently awaiting your return. I got a little update from your mom just to make sure you hadn't moved to a different planet! I'm glad everything is going well for all of you. Happy early birthday to you and the little one(I know I'll forget later)! You can have my cookie-I'm on a diet kick-at least for this week!!


I went and got a Stoned Wheat Thin cracker, cuz that's all there is in the cookie jar at work today. (Ripped off!)

It's easy to say I'm still reading since I get the update in my Google Reader feed and it's almost like I never left. Fun!

Congrats on moving into the new home and having a husband at home in the evenings and stuff. You're getting there.


Unlike Natalie, I have been IMpatiently waiting...but I forgive you. Moms of three must unite. Glad to hear that Little JuJu is settling well into his new school. That's always a little tough on younguns.

Hope the babies have been treating you well and letting you sleep a teeny bit. I'm sending you lottery vibes so you can get yourself a laptop and keep us up to date on your day to day. Happy advanced b-day to you and Baby JuJu. And kisses to Itty JuJu (post pictures!)

No cookies; grabbed some Easter chocolate instead.



Well geez. It's like we aren't a priority in your life or something.


(glad you're kinda back)

(I totally had 2 cookies)


Hey, I know you! Glad you guys are getting settled!!


"Go ahead... go get one..." You little smart ass. ;-Þ
So, besides the laptop, what do you want for your birthday?


mmm...cookies :)


Glad to see you're back, if only now and then. I came everyday to see if you had posted. I have to admit, though, I was wondering if you'd ever come back. I got my updates from your mom's site which I now read all the time. We are in our new house now and love it. It needs some blinds and maybe some grass outside, but other than that, it's great. The flu has been invading our house for the last couple of weeks. First Rachel, now Hailey. I pray I don't get it. Cross your fingers. Anyway, talk soon,


Ooh, I want a cookie! Though it will have to be gluten free as that's what's new with me. Good to see things are going well for you!


A cookie? Really???

Well, don't mind if I do!!!


Are you sure you are going to be 29?


Have you been busy or something? :)

Glad you found some time to post. A new house and a move is a big thing. We are still in our first house.

Get the laptop, definitely.

Peeved Michelle

We moved into our house over a year ago and we still aren't fully unpacked.


Happy Birthday! Early, because I am forgetful! Still checking in to see how that new house is treating you! Have fun this weekend and drink one for me!

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