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I remember my mom would always lay out my clothes. That's just the way it was. As long as he lets you, I would still do it. Let him have some say on the weekends or days when he's not in school. Unfortunately, I don't remember when she stopped. Probably when I got an oppinion.


i still dress mine...but my oldest is only almost 6. although, i really use that term loosely...because emily picks what she wears...i just supervise.

Natalie Murdick

I don't think it's strange. Sometimes I do things out of habit and then one day I see them doing it(or at least giving it a try)themselves and they do a fine job. Even after I know they can do things I still continue with my habit. Maybe somewhere in our minds that keeps them from growing up. I'm not sure, but I think if he does a fine job on his own, why not let him. It would be one less thing you have to think about!


Do it as long as he lets you, just for that feeling of control if that makes you feel good. Because when Miss M. starts asserting her opinion, probably in about 2 weeks, there will be no question.
I apologize for that green dress. But you looked so cute in it! I still remember when you made the transition... you were about 4. There were lots of jeans, cowboy boots, jellies, etc. You looked like a miniature Madonna sometimes ;-)

plain jane

for the most part I let her pick her outfits (she's also 7). If it's a special occasion I make suggestions and continue to veto her until she comes out half decent. This system seems to work- at the end it's all her choice with a little bit of my input. And our deal is- she gets to pick the clothes, I pick how the hair will be.


Brendan is 11 and I often still pick out his clothes. I hadn't even considered stopping. Now you are making me wonder. Mind you he hasn't complained...I think it's easier for him and he doesn't care either way.


I know you have so much free time to do this....maybe it will help down the road:

I would spend 10 minutes with him every night before bedtime looking at the weather report for tomorrow, discussing what he will be doing the next day, and then picking out an appropriate outfit that you both like. That way, he will:

1. Learn to pay attention to the weather and dress appropriately.
2. Learn a pattern for recognizing what is appropriate for which occassion (school, play, birthday party, etc.)
3. Feel like he has a moderate amount of control over what he wears without feeling completely abandoned to sink or swim.
4. Know that you love him enough to spend 10 minutes a day helping him get ready for the next day.

Once it becomes a routine, you won't have to deal with 'disagreements' over it in the morning when you're already stressed about getting him off to school anyway.


It was certainly not my choice, but my step mom picked out my clothes through 8th grade. After that she had to approve what I was wearing. Ugh.


I like what Robin had to say but, as for me, I still decide what mine will wear and even go as far as puting it on him or he would never get to the bus stop in time. If he doesn't have a problem with you picking his clothes go ahead and do it but don't be afraid to ask his opinion once in a while.


Since I was raised by wolves, I remember the day I finally broke free of the bitch's control, and pciked out my own road-kill based fur-wrap.

I still love the smell of carrion in the morning.


MJR is back and in rare form, as usual!!!
Carrion, is that a new Senseo flavor???


Why not pick out two things he can choose from? That way you both win.

So says the childless one.

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