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That's the cutest thing I've ever seen. They all have their fetishes(I'm not sure if that's how you spell it). I guess hers is feet. Andrew is adorable. Good luck with the move. I move on the 23rd too. Can't wait! And no, they will want the cold drink when it's over. Go figure!


Two of the cutest pictures I've ever seen. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Fifty one feels NOTHING like 35, I'm not even going to kid myself... ;-)


Those pictures are so cute. Good luck on the move. You have a lot of things going on , wow.

If you your mom is 35, does that make you 10, 15?


To see a little one give such attention to detail in anything is amazing, but feet? Ha!

Two classic photos here. Just gold.


WOW!! Finally closing on that first house! The pics are darling...I especially like the one of Drew. Dad will be wishing he could be there.


What a perfect picture of the wee babe! And I can't stop laughing with the toe lint thing.... she looks so serious!

Having just moved locally, I can only imagine what organs you are having to sell on ebay to move state to state... good luck!!


I can see by the motion evident in the picture that Baby is actively praying for attention from his mean ol' parents and siblings. Poor little guy. At least he's toe lint free.


My favorite part about movers... they pack up everything! Exactly the way you left it. Coffee cans of odd bolts that noone knows what to do with... gets put in a box. Trash can with trash... gets put in a box. There's something weirdly awesome about that.


That second picture is priceless. Well, so is the foot thing ;)


Cuteness! Good luck with the moving crapola! And love and happiness to you and your family in your soon to be new home.

plain jane

very cute and for real is that your mom's blog? Very cool...happy moving! i'm right there behind you

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