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You are not crazy! I don't know how you're surviving on your own 5 days a week, with 3 kidlets, one of which is an energy-sapping infant!

My Three Good Things:

1. Although we got a lot of snow last night, the schools are open, so two kids are currently away from home.
2. Although Ty was up all night with croup, he is happily napping now, which is why I have time to leave a comment.
3. The last thing the kids said to me before they went to school was "I love you, Mommy!"

Hang in there sunshine! Hubby and happiness will arrive soon!



You are not crazy....and trying to pretend you are not upset would be crazy!
3 good things here:
1. I finished my test
2. I'm moving into new house
3. My honey (husband), Pumpkin (max) and Boo Bear (Ben)


Who the heck do you think you're kidding? You're nuckin' futs. But that's a whole lot more commendable than boring ol' sanity anyway. Lucidity is WAY overrated.

Three things:

1. Our Boxer dog moved out, which is very good overall, though it has made for certain domestic tensions in the interim until the ramifications (read: sad/angry spouse) go away.

2. My truck payments stop this June, which means I'll have more money to pay down debt.

3. March - and therefore Spring - is just around the corner. Oh! How I yearn for thee! Like the high school senior yearns for his prom date to have just one more drink.


You are so not crazy, in fact, just reading about your husband's life makes me sort of jealous and I don't even know him!

Three things:

1. 38 days or less till I get this baby out of me.
2. Friends who take cranky 18 month old overnight last night without being asked so I can get some sleep.
3. A morning alone to watch trashy t.v.

Hugs Jenny, I have been thinking about you and I just know that things have to get easier.


100% not crazy.

three good things in my life:
1. my mom came in this weekend with a truckload of clothing for my kids
2. and she left me her gymbucks!!
3. my mom went home this morning.


Yes, you're crazy. No I'm kidding and I just wanted to be an odd ball here and say the opposite. Either way, you're not crazy and it will be all over soon.

Three good things:
1. I'm almost over my cold. It was a long weekend and with the "lovely" weather I'm happy it's almost done.
2. My little one school's pictures are adorable
3. And it's lunchtime and I'm happy I found your blog again!


Absolutely not crazy. I am no help today though. I'm down in the dumps about lots of things today so I can't even come up with a list. I can come up with a list about 3 bad things in my life right now, but that won't help you so I won't put you through that. Hang in there JuJu. It will get better!

Natalie Murdick

You may qualify to plea temporary insanity!
Three good things in my life.....
1. My children are healthy
2. I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom(although somedays I question that!)
3. And I have wonderful family and friends that are always there when I need a shoulder(for either leaning or crying)

Hang in there! In a few weeks you'll be starting a new chapter!



He gets five nights a week off from parental responsiblilities? Wow. My wife and I have been sharing equally since my son was born. When he would wake up at night to be fed was about the only time I didn't help out, since I don't have breasts. :)

I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

Peeved Michelle

You are not crazy, and this situation is temporary.

1. I haven't lost my baby.
2. I don't have morning sickness anymore.
3. Bean and cheese burritos from Taco Bell.


Thanks guys, and I feel that I should point out that Mr. JuJu is living in NY during the week, where he has started his new job...wasn't sure if Alvis knew that. He isn't at home slacking while I do all of the parenting...I'd have some serious complaints then! He's an awesome Dad when he can be here.


I second PM's "this too shall pass" statement.

And you have enough other people's good things, I'll spare you my lame ones and wish you your own - soon!


You might be a little crazy but was evident before you even had babyjuju.
just sayin
three things?
1] my husband has recently applied for a job that would keep him out of town 4 days a week..minimum.
2]our 1 remaining dog is really enjoying life as the top pet.
3]it will be 0c here today.


Ah, sorry. I did, indeed, not know he was living in NY during the week. That would make it a little difficult to help out during the week.

I've known fathers who think that since they have a job and the mom stays at home with the kids then the dad shouldn't have to get up at night with them. Glad your husband is not that way.

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