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Nothing keeps me from eating all day. So I will stay tuned for other comments. I can't wait to hear what they have to say.


I'm so glad to see that you're still alive!! I was worried for a minute there. Anyways, as for not eating...every time you feel like having a snack maybe just have a drink of something. Fill your tummy with liquid instead of food....water especially. Helps take off the pounds.


I'm not a stay at home mom and I don't believe in dieting BUT when I do have time off (like the whole week at Christmas) I find myself eating crap all day long so I do have a couple little tricks I try. 1 - I don't keep a lot of that stuff in the house. If it isn't there I don't eat it. (May be harder because you have a hubby and kid who probably like crap food but if you know hubby is gone all week long only get him the little ice cream so hopefully he eats it before he goes back to work). 2 - I make little baggies of snacks I do like... like mini carrots. I don't know why I love those little things but I do. And I pre-peel and slice up cucumber for a snack.
3 - The pre-baggied thing also works for regular snack foods. I find if it is in a little baggie I eat only what is in the little baggie and not the rest.
4 - I've also started using smaller plates. The plate seems fuller which satisfies me. (There's a mid-sized plate I buy at target that is totally not the size of a dinner plate but at the same time not the little tiny plate. In fancy china maybe it is a salad plate?)


it drives me batty when people say they don't have time to eat they are so busy with their kids. that's bull crap. i'm sorry. there's always time to eat!!! :)


GAH, don't ask me ...nothing keeps me from eating.
Oooh I love that run and run and run feeling...no kids screaming at you...dishes can wait I am running and running and running.
Also, my 4 yr old kicked me today. KICKED ME.


Lord. I know you're going to expect me to say this but I'm going to anyway. You so don't need to lose weight. There I said it. A strapless? Oh, well then, you're FAT. ;-) I promise Summer will make all the difference. Sorry, you probably inherited my bottomless pit of a stomach.
I'm going to quit, as I've been no help whatsoever.
As for the daughter, if she's anything like you (you were never REAL bad) she'll be delightful and well-behaved in about 20 years. It's worth the wait :-)

Natalie Murdick

I too am a stay at home mom. I feel your pain it's even harder to eat healthy with the kids and the husband. Mine can eat whatever and have no fear! I find myself grabbing whatever I can in between the demands of my children and household chores. Drinking a ton of water is my only saving grace. I also eat dinner from a salad plate as opposed to a dinner plate. I can't wait for the crappy weather to go away so that we can get outside and run around! Good luck, there's nothing like a bridesmaid dress for motivation!



I have a question? What's this exercise thing of which you speak?


Be like me. Only eat once a day. Of course, it would help if your one meal a day wasn't mint meltaways, or toast dipped in maple syrup, like I eat...hmmm. No wonder I need to shed a few decades...forget it. I'm no help. I'm too addicted to chocolate to be anyone's diet guru...


I'm not a stay at home mom, but I am currently on my 2nd snow day and all I did yesterday was eat. Well, eat and watch tv and blog. And ignore my treadmill that is IN MY LIVING ROOM. BY THE TV! Yesterday, I was total couch potato, but today I'm determined to get off of this couch and onto the treadmill. When I'm being good and not working hard molding the couch cushion to my butt, I do find that the smallish plate and snack bag tricks do work for me. And drinking lots of water, Crystal Light, and coffee with Splenda.

You mentioned a workout tape. I've been looking for a good one. Can you suggest one? I've bought some that looked good but turned out to be really crappy and boring.


Oh Yeah. I want to know what that work out tape is too!


I've had great success with this:


But it will kick your ass the first week..beware.


You're only 20 pounds over your wedding weight, and you've squeezed out three kids? What the hell, woman!? Most dames would give their chubby left wrist to be able to make that same claim. Here's what I'll say: listen to your mother.

But really, making yourself accountable by public admission is a very powerful thing to do. If you'd like, I can call you 'Fatty Jenny Fatty Fatty Fat Fat' in the comments for the next month just to keep you inspired and direct your antagonism towards me and away from anybody else within punching distance.

I'm very helpful that way!


You go girl!!! Of course moving all those boxes should help, right?

I just tagged you on my sight..... hope you get the chance to share!


What is Craig's List.


Dear JuJuBee,

I got your email and now's as good a time as any to fess up to the fact that I'm all talk. Or, in this case, actually not talk. I can't in good conscience rattle off the imprecations I threatened to do as a goad to get you off your decidedly not-fat ass to re-start your workout regimen. But, uh, get back at it this weekend, or I'll come back and leave a gentle reminder on Monday.

(Now that I looked at the link, I'm seriously considering ordering that BeachBody thing for myself. I could use it too.)


so did you?


Ju, Simon must be planning something, he's added you to his blogroll. ;-) Congrats, you must be very special. He's very discriminating...

Mellie Helen

Hm, perhaps relegating yourself to eating just the stuff in the baby food jars? Man, that would definitely keep me away from the plate!

Props to you for getting back in the exercise saddle. Yee-hah!


Exercise, hmm? Ever since I saw a marathon start outside the hospital where my son was born I've aspired to be in one some day. He will turn five in a little over two months and I have yet to run even a single yard. :(


If it's for you, then go for it. As long as you don't develop an eating disorder, then where's the harm in setting a goal for yourself? That said, I agree that 20 pounds through two kids seems like not much. Plus, you're a tall gal, aren't you?

I felt a difference after only six weeks of 45 minutes three times a week on an elliptical "bike." Of course, then I quit going to the gym cold turkey, which was really stupid.

If posting it out here helps you keep going, I'd like to know.


Well??? Did you exercise? I just joined the YMCA, which offers childcare... I've never enjoyed working out so much in my life. ;-)

Plain Jane

New here- enjoy reading your blog. I worked at home for 8 months and ate my weight in food. It was awful.

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