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Poor JuJu....Vicodin is a Godsend sometimes isn't it? Cranberry juice will help everything heal better too. Hang in there, and make the hubby take good care of you!!


So, I've been told that kidney stones are more painful than child birth...

Your thoughts?


The one I had in high school was for sure...this one, not so much. You also have to take into consideration how painful your childbirth was. My first two weren't bad but JuJu 3.0 was awful.



Both of my kidney stone episodes had me begging my husband to drive over any of the cars in front of us....

I cannnot believe you drove yourself!! Of course you almost drove your self in labor and had the baby while pulling into the parking lot, so you are way tougher than I am!!!


DUDE. You are a WONDER! You drove yourself and didn't have anyone to hold your hand through all of that!?

Y'know, you guys should live in Canada, because all that would be covered under our healthcare. Something to think about.......... ;-)

Also, can't wait to hear what the potentially-big news is!


Poor you. I hope you are feeling better. And, like Heathabee, I can't wait to hear the news. It's killin' me!

Peeved Michelle

Thank goodness my mom lives close by. Of course, with no kids, the husband would have taken me anyway. So, your stone is gone, or you still have to pass it?


PM: That's the odd thing, I don't know if it passed or not, but I have been feeling fine, so maybe? It's rather small by stone standards, so I don't know. They say usually by 48 hours, and that was Saturday night...


You are One Tough Mother.

I love you and I hate that you had to go through that. Next time, wear your underwear. Clean, you know, in case...


As I am currently suffering my own kidney hell, I empathize...poor you...hope it's gone and stays gone!



I'm a lucky kidney stone sufferer, too, but my G'Lord I've never had anything like that happen. Now I'm scared, because I can always feel my right kidney is in there, and usually one is not aware of an organ's presence. It's like a time bomb.

Sorry you went through that. You are one tough lady.


um...dare i say it...you're about the hottest-looking, postpartum, kidney-stone recoverer i've ever seen.

i'm so impressed, btw, that you went by yourself...i would have been way too much of a wuss.


Think about this, would it have been more painful to wake everyone in the house and drag them along to the ER in the middle of the night? OH HELL YES.


You could share some of that Vike goodness you know!


Ohhh vicodin :) My hubby has ad kidney stones so I know that you must have been in pain. Hope you feel better :)


oh my lord.
hey at least you're not passing a BABY.
happy vicoden day! feeel better soon


Oh good grief woman. Feel better soon. Suggestion: Fake a kidney stone and spend 5 hours at a spa!

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