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he's so cute. and already a ham!

yay on the house! so exciting. can't wait to see pictures!


So cute! Just as blue eyed as the others :)


Congrats on the house. When do you move in. 3.0 is adorable to say the least. Sounds like you have your hands full with the sick kids, buy your handling it well. Keep in touch.

Peeved Michelle

Cute pics! We did the same thing when we bought our current house. I decided the time was right for us to move back to my hometown, found a house I really liked online, checked it out and bought it. We never looked at another house. Why bother when we wanted that one?


I Googled "Horrendously Large Eyes"... guess what? Same pics! Then I searched "silly frog head"- you can't believe what's out there! (nah, jus' kiddin')
I'm willing to do without the Crocs but no way on the Ghirardellis! I'll take my chances.
Hope the kids get better rilly rilly fast.

Mellie Helen

He is SO adorable, I just wanna cover him with kisses through the screen. Seriously. Cute.

Wow, so much going on with you! Remember to try to take moments out for yourself, and yes, I realize they will be but brief moments, but we supercharged mommies need even those fleeting moments of peace, wherever we can grab them.

Congrats on Mr. Juju's job change and on the Big Move. Here's wishing you smooth sailing as you transition your life into what sounds to be an improved situation.

Hugs to the kiddos!


So glad to hear about your MIL. Prayers answered. The pics are precious. He's changed so much! I hope everyone feels better soon.


Sounds like my week. Good luck with the house, can't wait to see pics and wish my best to your MIL.

And OMG the cuteness!!!


Such a cute baby!


You have a lot going on, my friend! Wish you the best, as always!


SUCH a cute baby! And I'm so not the type who just says that.

Congrats on the house, and keep us all posted on the MIL.


It looks like that boy is about to control you with his freakin' mind! Be careful! (That, or his stunning good looks, one of the two.)

My wife and I bought the first house we saw as well. But only after viewing a couple dozen others. Good on ya for the efficiency.


Tell me where the house is....perhaps we can get coffee sometime after you are all moved in!


Congrats on the new pad and I am so glad everyone is ok. The baby is sooooooo sweet. Please post pics more often. Oh and hi. I am a luker but come here often.


Just wondering how things are...hope the illness has left your family, and that your mom-in-law is doing better.


JEN! Did the rs-fucking-V get the best of you? Have you moved already? is everyone fine? Did you forget anyone behind? SPEAK TO US WOMAN!

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