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Is your husband pregnant?


First of all, I checked your blog for updates 5 times a day since your last one, so my heart is not stone...

Second...I'm intrigued. What could be as life-changing as a fourth child? Hmmm...hmmm...moving?

Christmas? Got Adobe Photoshop, so as soon as I figure out how to paste my head onto Christina Aguilera's body, I'll send you a pic! Also, a MP3 player, and a bunny-boiler of a stock-pot. And a chunk of cash from my Daddy, so I can afford my junkie sprees at the bookstore and Starbuck's for a few months longer.

How bout you. Whatcha get?


Ju, when I first read the title, I was like, Ju- a tease? Naaaahhhhh. Can't see it happening. But you're pulling it off. Yeah, I know what's going on but don't you dare make these people wait and wait until you get time to post again.


Well, your killing me with curiousity. My personality does not handle this very well so be back as soon as you can with the news!!!!!!!!. My guess would have to be a new home. Am I right. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

As far as what I got for christmas, I won't list everything, but here are a few:A CHI hair dryer, a shower massager, a Mac make-up gift certificate, and an OP yoga outfit. Oh, and can't forget the money from my husbands parents. We put that towards our aplliances for our new home we are scheduled to move into March 22nd Bye for now,


Yes you do tease us! I check your blog at least once a day... I just don't comment very often

And for christmas I got tons of books and movies, and a new computer! what did you get? and what did the little ones get?


Don't you think for ONE minute that us readers were'nt checking your blog!!!!! I was trying to give you time to recover-adjust-and get the holidays over with!!!
I have a guess on the news but I think I'll keep it to myself and just let you know after the fact if I was right or not: AND NO I will NOT LIE!!!!
Just let us know DAMNIT!!!!!
Glad you are back and hope baby gets to sleeping longer!!!


I'm betting your secret has something to do with that last trip you took over new years. Am I right?

Natalie Murdick

Hi! It's Natalie(your mom's old work buddy). I just want you to know that though I don't normally comment, I do check your blog every day! I have to admit I also was thinking maybe you were pregnant. Sorry, I wouldn't wish that on you right now! Anyway I just wanted you to know that I'm a lurker and I do enjoy hearing your anecdotes and seeing the kids!

Reading you always, Natalie


1. You're moving?

2. New job on the horizon?

1. comes as a result of 2.?

Mr. JuJu got kicked in the nuts by a rabid donkey and now doesn't have to go in for that vasectomy you made him promise to get at knife-point while you were seven months pregnant and feeling a little bat-shit crazy?

You just got your nails done (with a baby in the crook of your arm) and they look MAH-vellous DAH-ling?

Well then, I give up.

(I got an iPod for Christmas by the way. Woot!)


Oh my gosh...how can you say I have somehting to tell, its real interesting but I cant say...oh my gosh Im chomping at the bit over here. Listen to your mommy... Anyway, glad you are well. I got a treadmill (wanted a new one) and a program for the laptop that allows me to input all my recipies and store them in one place....really cool. However it may be 2010 before I get everything in the computer...and then the computer will be old and slow, maybe that present wasnt such a good idea.....anywhooooo, I did check your blog..several times. Isnt there some little thingie that can show you I was here..... Abby


Just for the record I did check in on you everyday, but just never left a "Where r u" comment. Babies are busy, so I figured you were still alive.

I would also like to say I'm sorry for thinking you were pregnant again when I was reading your post. ha ha

I'm going with the new house vote!


yeah I was too busy coughing up my lungs to email you.
happy new year.


I have so been thinking about you lady! I love hearing your tales of motherhood as I will soon also have 2 under 2.....I have missed you!


congrats on the baby... i lost your blog link but found you again!


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