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I will deffinitely pray for your mother in-law. Do you think it might have been a stoke. I really hope you can swing packers and movers. My brother owns his own moving company. Too bad you don't live closer LOL! Even with the deal he gave me it was still pricey, but worth every penny. He moved me into my mother in-laws and we plan to have him move us out when the time comes...another two months probably. Good luck with it all and keep us informed of your mother in laws' progress.


Poor woman! Seems to be in the cards lately, a friend of mine also took a bad tumble down the stairs the other day...comes in threes, use your handrails! I will certainly keep her in my prayers, and you as well, that you resolve your housing issue soon. Good luck to 3.0 with his shots, and have fun at your get-together!

Peeved Michelle

Good luck with everything. I hope the price for the packing isn't too much for you. That would help you out tremedously.


I have done so much praying lately, my knees are sore ;-) But seriously, I'll keep at it!


Any MIL news?

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