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Please Mr. Juju?! Don't you know that us pregnant people can't get enough of birth stories?


oh my god. she's to die for.
i want to eat those little toes!


Gee, is ToddlerJuJu blogging already? Love the princess dress shot. She's too cute!

Mr JuJu...get off your butt and give us the "He Said" version...can't you tell we're on the edge of our seats waiting?


Another blogger in the fambly, how cool is that???
Tell Daddy he needs to jump on the wagon and make sure you roll your eyes and say "Peese." I love you Baby!


Has she asked you to put that baby back yet??
Kick Mr JUJU in the butt i NEED to hear about arriving home and finding you giving birth in the (NEW!!) van. (don't get any on the carpet!).
I hope you've slept since last we spoke :)


Oh I love, love love that last picture.

MR. JUJU please, please post your story. We're waiting.....I've been waiting for weeks. We're not scary I promise.


Get on it, Mr. JuJu. We fellas don't voice our stories often enough (although I probably make up for hundreds of us).

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