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Hey! That's Mia's Christmas dress!


Good lord those are beautiful kids! I hope you get a respite soon. I wish I could help you. I feel overwhelmed too and I don't have any kids to run after..only adults!


Sure..yell away. Let us have it. We deserve it. Just think what next xmas will be like. EVERYONE will be walking and talking (and sleeping).

Unless you're pregnant of course. :ducks flying keyboard:


Awww, I guess that's Christmas (and birthday!) time with kids! I'm sure it'll all calm down a little soon! :) At least, I hope! For your sanity's sake!

:) feel better!


That is a really good pic. They never sit still!


Ju, are you ok? Call me and yell some more if it will help.
Hey, I saw little wee navy velvet oxfords that match Drew's outfit. You want me to go back and get them?
If it helps, I love you no matter what.


Whatever he's on, I want some for Christmas!

Cutie kids. Their cuteness saves them from the acts you want to commit when they do evil things like spill on the clean floor or wake sleeping babies...or like in my house, where they decide at the age of 18 months, that opening all of the presents (that Mom has so carefully wrapped) while she is out of the room for 3 seconds would be okay...yes. It's the cuteness that saves them every time.

Hang in there sweetie. Tis the season to be jolly and all that crap ;)


Poor sweet dear.....wish I could come lend a hand. Love You!!


Uh, Shann stole my line. I was gonna claim to want some of whatever LittleJu is tokin'.

If it's any consolation, we just put our Christmas tree up on Sunday and here it is late Thursday night as I leave this comment and it's still not decorated. Just a fake green toy for the dogs to chew on.

Merry Christmas!!


They are too cute!! I'd be running raggid with three little, little ones too. You're my hero! lol

Merry Christmas!!


Um, what you said about the little girl, I bet my daughter is worse. And she is 4. Most days I'm at a loss with her. You can totally break down here any time you want. I love hearing that I'm not alone.



... little late, but I have been away from the computer all day! :)

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! :)

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