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Oh honey! I wish I could mail you some sleep to use in an emergency! The first few months are always so hard, and even worse when the holidays are here and you have so much to do!

Congrats on getting into your jeans! That's always a spirit lifter.

As for shopping for your little ones, I wouldn't bother. As you say, they're not going to remember, and all of your friends and relatives will spoil them rotten anyway, so they won't be deprived in any way...

Take care! I know how hard it is with 3 kids to find time for yourself, to breathe, let alone nap. It's a good thing your kidlets are so darned cute. It makes it easier to justify and accept your energy loss.

Kisses and hugs!


Peeved Michelle

You don't need to get the little ones gifts. They have grandparents, don't they?


No, you do not need to get the little ones gift,unless little JuJu still believes in Santa. Then you may want to get them something just so he doesn't question why Santa didn't get his baby sister and brother anything, but deffinitely no need to go overboard. Glad to hear from you. Hang in there.


Holy cannoli....your jeans already? You go girl!

Do what I did once...regift
the toys you've put away that the older ones have outgrown!


Wow, Hazel must come from a really intelligent family. ;-) That is such a good idea! And Lori has a good point, we didn't think of that...
God, Ju, I wish I could be there to help! How in the world did Gram do six kids? I'll never figure that out.
Hugs and Kisses.


Wow. You're doing it. You're surviving that many kids. I'm convinced that some folks just don't have the constitution for more than one, much less a trifecta.

Six? *blink* *blink*


You don't have to get them gifts, but if you have time, take some of their toys they haven't noticed in awhile (at least for the girl) and wrap them. That we she has something to unwrap. Just an idea. And remember, tomorrow is another day.


OH MY GOSH WOMAN, TAKE A NAP. I love me a good nap. Try and relax...you just had a baby! Abby

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