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You go from non-labor to delivery in, what? 3 hours? I'm still holding out hope!

Glad you love the new "car."


Happy to see that something arrived on time! Hope you enjoy your new fun-wagon.My grandmother always recommended several glasses of gin to induce labour. Give a few martinis a try...


I keep my car cleaner now with a kid than I did before the kid. Of course, it's a new car (well, new to me) and I don't spend near as much time in it as I did before. Enjoy the new wheels! Checking back frantically for updates!


every time you come up on my bloglines i think baby news is coming. sending labor vibes your way!


*taps fingernails on desktop, whistles distractedly, stopping to sigh every now and then while studying the ceiling tiles...* ;-)


Thank GOD you didnt have that baby while my lap top was broken.
Thank you so much for waiting for me! You are SO considerate!

nanny boop

A nurse once told me years ago, when my little arrival was refusing to be born - go home, fool around with your husband and have an orgasm. I delivered within 24 hours - with all of my kids. Even if it doesn't work for you, it'll be fun trying!


I was late with both of my girls and I know what it's like to wait. Every day I thought was THE day but everyday passed and there I was, still pregnant. He will come when he wants to and if he doesn't yell at the doctor to induce you. I went shopping at the Grove city outlets. We had a blast. Bought lots for myself and Christmas gifts. Keep the updates coming.


And technically, you don't need Mr. Juju to take nanny boop's advice.......


Just poppin' in to see if we have a baby yet....hope you're doing ok.


I knew you would dig the minivan. Anxious to see it.

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