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I don't have the link on me, but come to my site and then go and choose your prison bitch name, it is hours of fun, I promise.

See no baby talk...oh crap. I didn't mean it, I promise. Oh and my cousin was 4 weeks overdue, but luckily they don't let them be that late anymore. An on time baby is not a bad thing. Just know he can't live in there forever. Promise him a car when he turns 16 or something, see if that works. ;)


I went a week overdue with my first and 2 days overdue with my second, so I feel for you. Both times the doctor said we could have a baby at any time, but like you I stalled at about 2-3 cm and was 75-80% effaced.

I hope you don't labor ALL DAY like I did with both of mine tho. I think, in fact, my labor was actually LONGER with the second. Go figure.

Good luck to you!



Just think... this one loves you soooooo much, he never wants to leave!


here is a blog that i've been reading for a while, that you might enjoy too because you are a mom... no its not my blog but its interesting

THIS might count as telling you something good?


It took me days to finally see my baby. And, I looked like expecting a giant popping out of my belly.

I also like the *popping out* thing.


I had a temporary tattoo that said "POP!" that I affixed to my very pregnant belly. My doctor cracked up when he saw it! Maybe if you write inspirational things like that on your belly in washable marker, it will speed him up. Stuff like, "HURRY!" and "5 minute labour!" and "Atta Boy! Come to Mama!"

Can't hurt...


I can't share any personal pregnancy stories with you because, well, I'm a guy. But I've got my fingers crossed, okay?


So basically you're smuggling watermelons?

A child who behaves away from home and misbehaves at home is a sign of excellent parenting. He knows what the rules are and follows them until he gets home to where he feels really safe and unconditionally loved and can let loose with his personality a little. Good job!

Kick back and order yourself a pizza. Get a bunch of movies. Do whatever it takes to distract yourself - he'll be here soon!


The elephant here. I feel your pain, and I know that someday the kid will "pop" out. Meanwhile, all the more reason to sit with your feet up eating bon-bon's!


How dare you skip a day of posting and not have that baby!


um...something good...mcdreamy and meredith are back together...that's pretty good, i think :)


I agree with Robin, When I was younger I misbehaved at home, nothing horrible but like leaving lights on all the time and not doing the dishes etc. But at school I was the teachers pet, a little angel, never got a bad report.
So it is good parenting, good job again x2


Lets seeeeee, something interesting....I'm good at this.

Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.

There are three golf balls sitting on the moon.

The average housefly lives only two weeks.

Flamingos pee on their legs to cool themselves off.

The average person spends three years of his or her life on a toilet.

I could go for days
P.s. Im sure you look FABBBBBBULOUS


I was listening to satellite radio, when I glanced up at the LCD display to realize the perfect baby name:

Wolfgang Amadeus...

It's unique enough, it has its drawbacks: i.e. pronunciation issues until age 8.....

It also commits the child to either be a composer or head of some international monetary fund.

Try it out around the house, and I think you will find Wolfie is just the most perfect choice.

Yours free to use.


Well, I was only a week late. But it sounds like the little guys isn't through cooking just yet. He will come and it will be wonderful!

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