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NO BABY??? WTF, man. J/K.

I used to work in the Labor and Delivery Unit and YES it happens all the time with one Dr./Rn thinking a patient was this much but then another Dr./Rn thinks it's more/less. Sorry.

I know what you mean about the teasing. My little one has had a terriable time lately with these a**..I mean jerks of kids picking on her and making her cry. Too bad I can't run them over with my Durango. I'd really like to.

Hang in there momma!


Poor little guy! Kids are so mean. I empathize with the eczema; show him my hands and he'll see that there are worse things to have! (Forget that, you'll just give the poor guy nightmares!) Who would make fun of such a beautiful sweater? Bastards!


I really should have stressed to you the difficulty of parenting. I'm so sorry. I thought you knew! My heart aches for LJ, I could tell the last few phone conversations that something was wrong... I would trade places with you if it would make it better, but you probly wouldn't want my end either... It will be ok. There are lots of things more important than the sweater thing (You DIDN'T pay $30 for that???) ;-) Just love 'im as much as you can.


you are such a good mommy, Jujubee <3 I totally felt your pain when I read this entry, and I don't even have kids yet! I guess because I was picked on and I remember being self-conscious as a kid (heck, even sometimes now!). Just keep loving him the way you do and telling him how wonderful and special he is and it will be ok :)


GRRR..it makes me angry that kids are so mean.

Poor little guy, I hope it gets better.


The poor kid. I can't stand that kids pick on each other for nothing. Hopefully nobody noticed his face.

Girl I'm sorry you have to still be pregnant. Watch, this one will be on time. He has to be different right? Make his place known right off the bat.


Hang in there, being a parent is VERY hard! The hardest being when you can't fix something for your child! I hate the fact that children can be SO mean!!!
By the way, that sweater is absolutely beautiful! I think maybe somebody was jealous!

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