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Holy Shit, that's quite the story. Where was little JuJu while this was happening. School must have been over by that time. Wow. My youngest was 4 hours from start to finish and I thought that was fast. Well Congratulations. He's beautiful. Hang in there. You know as well as anyone that it does get easier. And if ever help is offered, take it!


OMG! That kid is a doll! I wish I lived next door so I could take him for a few hours for some baby love while you got some much needed sleep. I'm one of those that said that 3 is not hard. Bend over, and I'll get the ass-kissing over with. It DOES get easier! Or at least, less hard, once you get some sleep. I'm praying to Sante Snooza, the patron saint of sleep, that Drew sleeps though the night starting today. Take care of yourself. ((((((HUG!)))) XOXOXOXOXO

Mellie Helen

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I am very happy to hear there was not yet another red light, or you might have birthed somewhere on the highway. Stop looking at your blog comments now -- this is five minutes you could spend resting!!! Love and hugs to you and your beautiful baby boy!!!!!!


Painful but it looks like it was totally worth it ;-) And sure, why not hear from your husband?!


OH MY GOD! You almost gave birth in your van?!
Um YES we want to hear his version.
And he is ADORABLE!
How are the other jujubes adjusting?


Bring on his version. I would love to hear that!


Wow! What a story! He's adorable! I'm glad you got there in time. I'd love to hear Mr. Juju's side. Although I'm sure it won't be as enthralling as yours. :)


Boy does he ever look like LittleJuju!! Naturally, this means you have 3 of the most gorgeous kids I have ever seen in my life. :)

I would love to hear Daddy's side of the story!

Congrats again! :)


Bring it on! (Although it will be hard to top his Yoda-esque haiku when baby JuJu was born...)


What a great chronicle of the ordeal. And, as a guy whose wife didn't go through the whole sudden labor thing (they induced her), I vote to hear Mr. Juju's side.


Oh my god, that is an insane story. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bug you. But I'm still glad to read this. He is so freaking cute and ohhh I just want to eat him up. I hope he at least learns to sleep a little soon.

I'd love to hear Mr. Juju's side.

Peeved Michelle

Definitely want to read his version.


Congratulations - he's a darling!!! Since I love hearing my beloved retell our daughter's birth story from his PoV, I would really enjoy reading it from your hubby's too.


We were pregnant at the same time when you were going to have your baby girl. I just can't believe that you now have an equally gorgeous NEW baby! I can't imagine having another right now, or even being pregnant for that matter. You? are a W.O.M.A.N. Congratulations and all my wishes for lots of sleep!!


God bless you, sweetie... truly God bless you!
What an amazing story... and yes... get Mr. Ju Ju on the keyboard to pound out his version!


Yes, please allow Mr. Juju to tell us, especially about the 10 minute stop at Starbuck's he made on the way home ......

.....or about the Wendy's drive-thru story that he might have told you about....

Did you notice he smelled like fries???, I mean ummmm.......let's hear his version......gulp....


What NUT told you going from 2 to 3 was easy? It's going from 3 to 4 that seems easy because they already outnumber you anyway....

You poor thing, that sound horrific. Glad it was over quickly, though.

Let Mr. JuJu give us his version. I'm sure the contrast is hysterical.


1.) You have farted before
2.) You killed a nurse
3.) Sounds like a good time, good lookin baby :-)


That was a fabulous and I'm sure entirely factual retelling of the momentous event. You rock, JuJu!

Lay down the Daddy version if Mr. J is so inclined.


I want to hear what dear Mr. Juju has to say about the whole ordeal. Send some pics so I can show them:>)


Long time lurker here, delurking to let you know you had me laughing so hard I scared my 5 month old! Love you, love your blog. And having just bought my first minivan this morning, I'm glad you didn't give birth in yours. You pay that much for a vehicle and you damn well don't want to have to clean bodily fluids out of it, you know what I'm saying?? And we definitely need Mr. JuJu's version. When my husband tells people our birth stories I look at him like "What hospital were you at? Not mine!" Now go get some sleep!


Congrats. I echo the sentiment that anyone who thinks the transition from 2 kids to 3 is easy must be delusional or stoned. I have almost no recollection of the first two months of Lil Joe's life, and it's probably a miracle that Princess and Hoss survived having a baby brother in the house.


So basically you did have that kid in a day, actually an hour....good story. Lets hear from the hubby! I only have 1 so I give you lots and lots of credit. I was hoping you would post soon!


I have three. Mother-in-law (who had five) said going from two to three almost killed her. Going from three to four was a piece of cake, and from four to five (my husband), she hardly noticed. Maybe that's why we only have one baby picture of him!


Definitely want to hear the Mr's version!

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