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still hanging in there huh?
Clearly this baby wants to stand out from his brother and sister.
Clearly NOT a follower.
Good luck with that.
I send you a hug, because I know you are more than ready for the baby to COME OUT already.


Told you those 3rd babies are tricky. But I don't think he's being stubborn. I think he's aiming for prompt. 40 weeks to the day, and he'll never be late for curfew from that day on! Good luck sweetie!

PS. Are you just LOVING your van, or what?


Smoking in restaurants.....is that still allowed? They banned it in bars and restaurants a few years back here in Ct. Gosh I guess this overly priced state did do something right...but vote I agree! Abby


i've totally been there :) go have some hot sex. maybe it will do the trick....it never did for me, though...


I voted! I get a weird sense of civic pride when I vote and I LOVE to go do it. It is so actively participating in government of me.


Well, glad to hear you're doing OK. At least you made it past the point you were hoping for, and at least you're not OVERdue.

How's the new van?


thinking about you!


I'm having strong feelings that today's the day! I hope you're in labour right now! (Yeah, we spell labour with a 'u' in these parts)

All the best! Hope you and the babies and the hubby are well! :)


I have to tell you. Both my girls were late, late, late! Amanda nearly a month (they actually did tests to see if I blew my dates) and Katie 2 1/2 weeks late. I just assume I am part elephant!

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