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There's something about getting beautified before giving birth, isn't there? My wife went in for a *complete* wax a couple weeks before due date. And I never got to enjoy ANY of it. Just the doctor, and the nurses, and the respiratory technician, and the EMT guys when they showed up at our house...


I will pray for you, but only for the chance to make out with you. That's totally hot!


you are officially off of meme duty - i'll allow it, just this once ;)

keep those legs shut for the next few days!!


You should have him on the 14th because that is my birthday. Also, would your maiden name make a good middle name?


Isn't making out what got you in this situation to start with?


Here's praying for you. Glad there's no Pertussis.


Here's praying for you. Glad there's no Pertussis.


Dude, I love that, "We" word they throw around. And the just hold it in thing. Yeah, like that works. I'll hope for you that you get past Nov. 5th.

Maya was a month early and she was fine. A bit teeny and a little Jaundice, but that's it.


My fingers are crossed for you, girl! Drink LOTS of water to keep the contractions away, and TRY to stay off your feet as much as possible. I know easier said than done, but still try.

I'll send all my prayers to your tummy!


Yalp, you asked for that comment from Simon... (FOOL!) If it were anyone else, I would offer to act as your stand-in, cause you know you didn't mean that. If it were anyone else AND if it would hold the baby off until the 5th...
All kidding aside, I'll be saying extra prayers, Ju. XXX 000


Keeping my legs crossed for you. I went 3 weeks being a few centimetres dialated, plus 3 false labours, so I know for a fact that third children are tricky little buggers! That one will stay in till Nov 16, mark my words!

Glad to hear that the whoop stayed away. Now we just have to hold off that stork!


Here's hoping that you make it to a day that is good for you all. I'll say a prayer along those lines. Have Mr JuJu do all the "last minute" getting ready (except for the pedicure unless he wants one. he he) So glad to hear that it is not the whoop.


I'd love to come help you get ready... Your little one is gunna be a BIG SISTER :) Babies are so cuteeeee, good luck!


Amazing. It seems like you were just doing this! :-)


WOW! 3 centimeters. Took me like 24 hours to get there with help! Keeping my fingers crossed that you hold him in there :)


OH MY GOD! I can't believe you are so close!
weee! Get that bassinet ready...he's comin!

nanny boop

Going back a blog with a name suggestion: how about Jackson for a first name? Kinda goes along with the sound and rhythm of the names of the other two. You could use Andrew for the middle name.

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