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Pooe JuJuBees! I hate when my boys get fevers, especially the hallucinatory ones. Creepy...Can you say "I see dead people?" We're just getting Ty over his 2 1/2 week cough, so I emphathize. Hope you are all feeling better soon, and that you and Itty or Baby JuJu don't catch it...

CYBER - HUG!!! ((((( ))))))




Technically at 17 months she is no longer a baby. ;)


Oh you poor guys!! I'm still trying to get over the bug my little one gave me two weeks ago. She's home again today with some tummy thing. I'll be next for sure. You know how that goes. Good luck, and hang in there.

Hazel Hazel

Wowie. That is some scary shit. Hope the rest of you stay healthy and LittleJuJu gets well SOON!

Air kisses for y'all. (I'm sympathetic, but not stupid!)


"before it slithers it's evil self under the front door and slides up our pant legs to claim us as it's own."

Loved that line. Except, "its," not "it's." That's being picky, though. Geez, that sounded like Simon.

I dread the day Ben starts getting sick. So far, though, I think he's Bruce Willis in that movie Unbreakable. I think he's had fever once or twice in his three years. But, preschool just started about three or four weeks ago, only a few hours twice a week. We'll see.


Poor little guy!! I am so hoping that you have someone nearby who can come and help you this weekend if you two girls get sick too!


Poor sick Ju-jus. Hope LittleJ is all better and Miss M stays well (and you too, of course).


I hope it wasn't the Cactus-Fish family who infected you! Feel better!


Hope LittleJuJu feels better soon and that the rest of you escape free of germs this time. Wishes good health vibes your way.


Enjoyed the entries I've read so far. It's not fun when a little one gets sick. My four year old hasn't had anything major in several months (knock on wood).

Hopped over here from Mark's blog, Regular Life.

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