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Truly cannot stop laughing right now.....
Oh, my... I needed that one!!
You gotta remember that one for a speech on his wedding day!


I'm confused. You are going trick or treating BEFORE Hallowe'en? I mean, it isn't until Tuesday...or is that just a Canadian thing? (JK;))


Oh man, you should buy a notebook and write "Stories to tell at Little Juju's...." on the front

... and then inside you can have sections. Like, 16th birthday party. 21st Birthday party. Wedding.

He is just the cutest thing... a girlfriend! already! wow!

And another wow! Isn't BabyJuju tall!!

Such beautiful kids you have there! :)


Yeah, it still hurts to laugh but I'm just letting this one happen. Out Loud. What a kid. And Goodness, BabyJu really did sprout some hair in NY!
Your Halloween sounds as bummery as ours...


Your holiday pictures are gunna have 3 kids in them! :)


Primping...with Vapo-Rub. Huh. I'll have to remember that.


whoaaaa check em out. I havent seen Gilligan or the little one in quite some time. Weather today :Monday the 30th: is supposed to be 65 and sunny!...live it up....by wed. its 40's


LOL vapo rub hair gel.
Well maybe it's an efficiency thing, you know? Style the hair while clearing the sinuses?


They are some good lokking kids :)


That's hilarious. I can't remember when I started caring how I smelled/looked for girls, but I was a youngster for sure. My mom was a little surprised when I started insisting that I shower every day, instead of resisting.

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