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site looks awesome. all clean and such!!

i did not wear anything in the hospital other than an ever so stylish hospital gown. two actually. one backwards and one forwards...so none of my bits would be seen...like anyone wanted to see those bits...

want some boy things?? i'm currently getting rid of a truckload of almost new boy clothes.


Keeping my legs crossed for ya...I was packing my hospital bag between contractions so don't feel bad about procrastinating! Hang in there sister!


Site looks great, Ju. You're really taking this "nesting" thing to an extreme... ;-) Nothing's too good for a grandbaby of mine. Thanks for the get well wishes and the link. Shannon came to see me today... Hold that child in till the 5th. I'm still your Ma and I can still tell you what to do!
Love and hugs and all that,


I like the new site.

I'll let you in on a little secret....and this comes from experience, since Maya was born a month early and my water broke at a restaurant....your parents can probably figure out where to BUY milk. :)

Here's hopeing your little guy hangs on until after Halloween. Hey, any middle name yet?


oh my god you are totally nesting. The new layout, the untensil drawer, THE MILK, the beds..the toilet seats
That baby is a coming!


I almost left my bag at home because after my water broke I didnt think I was having contractions.....yeah, got to the hospital and I was 7 cen. Anywhoooo love the new blog look, and I will throw a little prayer in there for ya! Abby

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