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We had two cases here at my job in adults. I said the same thing... wtf? How do people still get it? I hope little juju is okay. Exercise induced asthma kind of sucks, but at least it is managable.


My first thought was Asthma actually. I have it and so does Nata and a lot of times it comes out at his age, because they are so freaking active. Good luck with it though.

Your husband rocks to take the baby on his trip. He's such a keeper. ;) Just enjoy it and if you think of borrowing a baby, hold a stuffed toy of hers and don't borrow a baby, cause they will be way more work than you could ever think yours would be. Little Juju will love the alone time with you.

Hey, I linked to you today at my site. Just FYI.


oh my goodness!
we had whooping cough going around here and i was convinced that isabella had it (of course, it was while the husband was away).
in the end, she didn't have it, but it was incredibly scary!

i'm hoping everything's okay!!!


Ty is all packed and ready to go spend the weekend with you and Little JuJu...


Oh my goodness! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery! I'm sure he'll be fine! :)

And oh-my-goodness, your due date is so close!! I didn't realize it until you put it into numbers!! YAY!

Enjoy your weekend with just little Juju! And I hope BabyJuju will enjoy her weekend with her daddy! :)


I sure hope and pray it is asthma and not whooping cough. Enjoy your time alone with little juju while you can. Sure you will miss baby juju but.....before too long you won't even have time to do anything.


Holy crap. I hope it's neither pertussis or asthma. Prayers going out for y'all.


Saying prayers to Jesus and His Dad, you-know-who. ;-)


Man, that's a little scary.

A pregnant woman's plate is just destined to get fuller and fuller (literally and figuratively, of course).

Here's hoping it's the lesser of all evils.


Oh man, that's crazy. What is this, 1906? I hope he gets better soon, and I hope it's something easy and stress free for you.

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