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Hi JuJu, I remember that feeling all too well. I gained 51 lbs and here it is 14 months later and I still have some lbs to lose. Actually I still feel that SICK feeling even when I'm not pregnant. Go figure! Anyway just know it will be over soon, and it will all be worth it. Did you end up getting sick after little JuJu was, or did you and the baby manage to escape it this time. (I can't figure out how to use my question mark. I am currently using my father-in-law's lap top and it's different then any keyboard I've ever used.)


Hang in there JuJu! Only a month to go! And you know what? Preganacy is the only excuse we have in this world to over eat. Sure, you may feel like crap afterwards, but is that any reason why you can't plow through Little JuJu's Halllowe'en bag when the time comes? Of course not. Eat all of the Smarties you can. Once you have three kids, you'll be too tired and busy to think about food. The pounds will come off then.

XO Shann


When you look at the whole Big Picture, Ju, what is a few extra pounds except proof that you enjoyed yourself for a bit. (the food AND the sex, haha. >sorry, couldn't help myself...) There's just a teeny bit more of you to love. And you'll have slightly "cushy" hugs for all of us and the new little tyke - Who's really coming quite soon, afterall. Love you!


Soon Jen, SOON.
You're almost done or rather..he's almost done.
Hang in there, eat pizza, you KNOW you;ll look like your fabulous self in no time.

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