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Sorry your plans didn't work out.

You asked, so... we're supposed to go to a local church's big festival thing. I'm not into big churches, but it sounds like a lot of fun for the kids. Ben will be a dinosaur, in a costume he absolutely loves.


I hope the little one pops out soon.

I'm dressed up as a wallpaper remover.

Pretty belivable too.


How does one dress as a wallpaper remover? Oh...you mean a stripper!

JuJuBee, the last weeks are the worst! I warned you #3 would be a pain in your ass! He'll make up for it by sleeping thru the night at 5 weeks, and speaking in full sentences by 13 months.

Hallowe'en...as I am sick, I am on candy-duty. Hubby is towing the kiddies around the neighbourhood. In the spirit of the holiday, I am dressing up though--SUPERGIRL!


Hang in there. Any decision on the baby's middle name yet, or are you saving that one.


Hang in there. Any decision on the baby's middle name yet, or are you saving that one.


there's nothing worse when you think you're going to go early and you don't...it happened to me. i know what that 43 weeks feels like!

hang in there!


I'm only 32 weeks and I feel 43 weeks haha.
I cant even begin to imagine myself 9 months pregnant again! I feel huge already.

I know ill miss the feeling of being pregnant after this baby is born though. I did with Caleb atleast :-)


Sorry Halloween didn't turn out as well as you'd hoped. These things happen...and there's always next year!


I remember when we were searching for names for Gilligan, we were all around at table and came up with Nixon, and Mason...such strategic and clever planning behind those names.... But they now, wouldnt work. haha

Anyway after my little Hugh spell i decided to dress up as a poor college student. Part of my costume is my ungroomed facial hair i decided to let go for no specific reason.

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