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Great idea. Posted my own on my site. Feel free to cruise on by...


Great idea. Posted my own on my site. Feel free to cruise on by...


Third! ;)

I may need to think on this and post it myself. I wonder if those closest to me would be able to guess who some of them are to. :)

Peeved Michelle

I posted it on myspace.


This was very interesting reading, Ju. I might like to do this when I have time to give it some thought. Isn't it a little scary though, what if someone thinks you're talking to them and you aren't??? For instance, I know you wrote #7 for me. I'm giving her the bad news tonight.... ;-Þ


I love this meme.
And one day I will totally do it.
Just not today. Cause I am all snarky and shit.
And you? WHErE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? I was getting worried about you and your pregnant self. I even cruised by here WHILE ON VACATION to make sure you were giving birth (I checked your due date).
Don't ever do that to me again!


Love the meme! I put my answers on my blog. Hope you feel better, and hang in there. You know as soon as you see that sweet face all this will be worth it.


I thought I knew you but sadly found out, I didn't know you at all!, that is what I would like to say!


I'd love to do this but the people would know I was talking to/about them. Some would be good ... some not so good.

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