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Peeved Michelle

I hear your mom doesn't look a day over 35.


Uh, last full paragraph, Ju. The last word in the first line I believe you meant to be "of"...
Hi P.M. up there. I like you. But I believe what you meant to say was "I hear your mom doesn't look a day over 53. What is it with you youngsters screwing up things? (Kidding, PM, I know what you're referring to... *wink*)
Anxious to be there Ju!


I forgot the quotation marks after "53". It's catching.


I had my 1st son in a large NC city (raleigh). The hospital / obgyn clinic I went to had 8 doctors I believe. 3 were women. So I had a great selection to pick from.
Weird thing was I enjoyed the male Dr. (who was a Christian) much better than the women there....

I think I enjoyed that male Dr. so much because he always made me feel great. He even prayed w/ us one time (us being my husband and I).
After I was like 9 mo. pregnant he told me if he was a woman he wanted to look like me pregnant lol. That gave me such a boast of asteem! MUCH NEEDED when your blown up.

The one to deliver Caleb though was a brand new obgyn that I never met until that day... She was nice though.

Any how.
At the current OBGYN I attend in Ohio is way different.
There are only TWO Dr's.
One male.. one female.
I decided to see the female.
Shes very nice... I have no interest in even meeting the male Dr.
This female Dr. is so nice she has come in on her own time to deliever her own patients babies. Pretty awesome :-)

Any how.
Im glad your pregnancy is going well.


I think that you should plan the inducement for Nov 16. That way baby and I can share a birthday. And, you know, Shannon is a unisex name...


How can it be that you are so far along in your pregnancy? Glad you are feeling okay, and the hubs will be there when the baby comes.....that always nice! Have fun with your mommy!


i gained SIXTY lbs with both my children.
Brendan I went from 100lbs to 160 and it was NOT pretty.
Noah? I started at 115...you do the math.
The stairs still sigh as I climb them.


um..yes...hating you a little bit right now because you were wearing your regular clothes days after you had your baby...

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